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Print Catalog Creator

Create Catalogs, Quotes, and Flyers in Minutes for Emailing or Printing

Printed Catalogs

There is nothing like handing your prospect a hard copy, customized catalog, created just for his or her needs, at the end of your sales call.

The Print Catalog Creator application from J&M Technologies enables you to print on-demand a number of different sales tools that are all integrated with your inventory and can be customized for your customers.

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With a single mouse click, select the items from your inventory that you want to include in a customized catalog. You can select all your items, ones from just one category, or just a few for a customer specific need. Create market segment catalogs that salesman can carry with them or email.

Within seconds, the program formats the pages automatically… no desktop publishing experience or knowledge needed!

Each item is featured with your item number, an image of the product, and a product description that is from the J&M Technologies proprietary database of over 300,000 items from over 1,200 manufacturers.

Catalogs can be created to:

  • Print on your office printer
  • Print by a professional printer
  • Email as a .pdf document
  • Post on your website as a .pdf
  • Burned onto a CD or flash drive


Create flyers on demand for your sales force to distribute on their sales calls as a leave-behind, email to customers as a .pdf, or post on your website.

Select from your inventory the items you want to promote and specify the details of your sales special. Within seconds, the Print Catalog Creator formats a sales flyer. It looks professional, encourages sales, and is a hard-copy piece of literature that is difficult to delete!


Our Print Catalog Creator is also a quote creator.

Simply input or choose the customer name, choose the inventory items to be included, enter a price or margin, and the program instantaneously creates a hard copy quote. This quote is professionally presented in a format that can be printed on your office printer, or created as a .pdf for emailing.

Catalog Creator

Print Catalog Creator features include:

  • Automatic creation of Index and Table of Contents for catalogs.
  • Ability for you to edit detailed databased descriptions and categories.
  • Capability to add "notes" or messages throughout the catalog or promotional sheet.
  • Ability to flag items as "New Item", "Special Order", "Best Buy", etc.
  • Multiple pricing options or choose to not show prices. Inclusion of private label items
  • Flexible Headers, Footers, Fonts, and colors