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Print Catalog Creator

Create Catalogs, Quotes, and Flyers in Minutes for Emailing or Printing

Printed Catalogs

There is nothing like handing your prospect a hard copy, customized catalog, created just for his or her needs, at the end of your sales call.

The Print Catalog Creator application from J&M Technologies enables you to print on-demand a number of different sales tools that are all integrated with your inventory and can be customized for your customers.

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You can have a professionally formatted catalog of items from your inventory with a few mouse clicks and less than a minute of your time.

Create catalogs targeted to market segments. Or impress a customer with a catalog of items tailored to the customer's needs. You can also use the software to create full-line catalogs.

Each item is featured with your item number, an image of the product, and a product description J&M provides all of the product descriptions and images. Most of your products will already be in J&M's database of over 350,000 items from over 1,500 vendors.

Catalogs can be printed at your office or by a professional printer. They are exported as a PDF file and can be emailed, posted to your website, or saved to a flash drive.


Create flyers on demand for your sales force to distribute on their sales calls as a leave-behind, email to customers as a .pdf, or post on your website.

Select from your inventory the items you want to promote and specify the details of your sales special. Within seconds, the Print Catalog Creator formats a sales flyer. It looks professional, encourages sales, and is a hard-copy piece of literature that is difficult to delete!


Our Print Catalog Creator is also a quote creator.

Simply input or choose the customer name, choose the inventory items to be included, enter a price or margin, and the program instantaneously creates a hard copy quote. This quote is professionally presented in a format that can be printed on your office printer, or created as a .pdf for emailing.

Catalog Creator

Print Catalog Creator features include:

  • Automatic creation of Index and Table of Contents for catalogs.
  • Ability for you to edit detailed databased descriptions and categories.
  • Capability to add "notes" or messages throughout the catalog or promotional sheet.
  • Ability to flag items as "New Item", "Special Order", "Best Buy", etc.
  • Multiple pricing options or choose to not show prices. Inclusion of private label items
  • Flexible Headers, Footers, Fonts, and colors