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"Shop-by-Room" Facility
Product Selection Guide

Interactive Module to E-Commerce
Enhances Online Ordering

Experience for Customers

Boost your online sales with J&M Technologies’ new Facility Product Selection Guide, an add-on module to its E-Commerce software.

The program immediately recognizes customers as they login and provides a “shop-by-room” interactive experience that suggests products specific to their needs and facility type.

The Facility Product Selection Guide is integrated into a distributor’s J&M E-Commerce program and has access to all the distributor’s inventoried items.

As the customer moves from room-to-room on the Facility Product Selection Guide, the program asks questions. Then, automatically suggests a number of products in the distributor’s inventory that would be applicable to the facility area and the surface to be cleaned or maintained.

Each product displays additional information and an image for easy selection. At that point, the customer can quickly "click to purchase".

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Facility Product Selection

Facility Product Selection Guide features include:

  • Customer automatically identified by industry segment upon login to E-Commerce program.
  • Detailed, interactive guide through each room of customer's particular facility
  • Ability to drill-down into rooms and/or area of facility
  • Product suggestions provided to customer and integrated into distributor's cataloged inventory
  • Instant screen display of details and image of each suggested product
  • Quickly add product to an order